Photo courtesy of elbowbeachcycles on Pinterest.

Gibbons Company wishes you a Happy Non-Mariner’s Race Day!

Gibbons is closed today and we hope you get to the 43rd Annual Non-Mariners Race. This is the final bang to the long Cup Match weekend, held today, Sunday, August 2nd, 2015.

This is Bermuda’s favourite raft-up and is held at the usual location of Sandys Boat Club, near Mangrove Bay in Somerset. The event MC is local celebrity Bruce Baritt.

Sandys Boat Club will be open from 10am and the activities start as follows:

  • Non-Colours Raising at 11.53am +87 secs
  • Non-Penguins Fly Past at 1.08pm + 29 sec
  • Non-Noodle Race at 1.22pm + 96 sec
  • Non-Memorial to our Mascot at 2.13pm + 32 sec
  • Non-Calypso Pipe Band at 2.32pm + 109 sec
  • Non-Craft Race at 3.29pm + 62 sec
  • Non-Trophy and Non-Prizegiving at 5.47pm +56 secs

Be safe on the water!