Have you been invited to a house warming party and have no idea what these parties are for or what you are supposed to take for the person(s) who have recently moved into a new space?

House warming parties are a great way for the party host to receive items to help them decorate their living space and to get together with friends. Most times a bottle of wine or beverage of choice and/or a home-related gift are appropriate so that you don’t enter the party empty-handed.

About 11 years ago, I went to my first house warming party where the party hosts had their basic furniture, but needed decorative pieces like wall art, storage baskets and other home accents. What was helpful was that the party hosts briefly described their colour theme for their new home on the invitation.

However, if you are clueless to what general items you can look for, here are some gifting ideas that you can take to a house warming event.

Storage: most times when your house warming hosts move-in they may not anticipate their need for storage space so gifts like hangers, baskets, cubby boxes and small accent furniture pieces may be appreciated.









Home decor: if you wish to gift decorative items, aim for wall art and accent accessories such as pillows, glass hurricanes, and candle holders that can add flair to any room. Of course you contact the couple about their colour scheme and decor style, and always get a gift receipt in case of exchanges.




Gift cards: If you choose to purchase a gift following the house warming party because you were able to gauge what the couple needed, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Plus the concept of a “room-in-a-box” (new at Gibbons Company) offers furniture and accent pieces to decorate a specific room. Don’t be afraid to ask the person or couple what they need.

If in doubt, visit Gibbons Company’s Basement department, located at 21 Reid Street or stop in the Home Store on the upper level of the Washington Mall, in Hamilton. Call 295-0022.

This blog is the first of three installments on “Gifting For House Warming Parties”. Stay tuned!