In this 3rd and final installment of the House Warming Gifting series, the focus is on outdoor entertaining, BBQ accessories, and food/wine products available in the Gibbons Company Basement department.

Even better than gifting a set of glasses (which are still useful), house warming hosts will love gifts for outdoor entertaining! Gibbons Company stocks its shelves with BBQ accessories like burger grill baskets, ceramic grilling pans and sauce brushes and grilling tools.

You should also consider gifting beverage accessories such as ice buckets, mixologist sets and of course a fun set of drinking glasses for magaritas and martinis.

Plus, you can give smaller items like the really safe flameless candles, available in sets and a range of colours for lighting ambiance!

Have a look below at some of our outdoor entertaining pieces that may peak your interest. You can also browse the Basement Department in the Gibbons Company Main Store at 21 Reid Street.

Charcoal companion burger basket

The Charcoal Companion burger basket.

The Charcoal Companion sausage basket can be used for hot dogs as well.






Charcoal companion ceramic grilling

The Charcoal Companion ceramic grilling pots, plates and pans.

Charcoal companion corn holders

The Charcoal Companion push pin corn holders.


Why not gift a fancy drink pitcher and a fun set of glasses.

Libbey mixer set

Everyone needs a mixologist set at home for entertaining.


Kanck 3 for kids dinner set

A dinner set for the little ones by Knack 3. we don’t want them to feel left out at gifting time.


TAG’s Torch Pots offer lighting and keep the flying pests away while grilling and eating outside.