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New Mango Jeans are in stock!










Gibbons Company is pleased to announce the new fall arrival of Mango jeans.

Mango jeans are available for $29.99 in the Mango department at Gibbons main store in Hamilton.

Known as an international brand that stands out due to its unique design, Mango dresses the urban and modern woman. The fall collection of denim wear follows this trend. Have a look at the Mango denim looks below.


Patchwork blue denim.


Patchwork blue denim overalls.


Dark blue distressed denim jumpsuit.








If you’re curious how the Mango jeans may fit you, have a look at the Mango denim fit guide here.

Happy shopping at Gibbons Company!




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Back To School Specials At Gibbons Company!

Cup Match is over, Labour Day is approaching, and you know what that means…thoughts of when to begin the Back To School shopping!

It’s never too early to begin and I know, it seems too soon, but school resumes in a little over a month. Gibbons Company is offering Back To School shopping deals early so that you can plan and take advantage of the offers.

In addition to the uniform deals, the Gibbons Company School Uniform Recycle Program is offering a 20% discount OFF all Back To School Essentials if you donate a gently used school uniform.

Clothing should not be ripped or torn and can be donated in the Children’s department at the Gibbons main store until Thursday, August 27th. All donations will be distributed to families in need through Gibbons Company’s community in action partner Gina Spence Productions. Used uniform distribution will be held in Washington Mall on Saturday, August 29th.

The 20% discount you will receive in return for your uniform donation can be applied to school essentials which include: backpacks, lunch kits, kids underwear, sport socks, school sweaters, jackets and rain jackets.

See the full details on the Back To School specials by visiting –> http://www.gibbons.bm/about-us/promotions

If you wish to receive a gently used school uniform, please contact Gina Spence on 704-0224 or email spencegina@yahoo.com.




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Non-Mariner’s Today!


Photo courtesy of elbowbeachcycles on Pinterest.

Gibbons Company wishes you a Happy Non-Mariner’s Race Day!

Gibbons is closed today and we hope you get to the 43rd Annual Non-Mariners Race. This is the final bang to the long Cup Match weekend, held today, Sunday, August 2nd, 2015.

This is Bermuda’s favourite raft-up and is held at the usual location of Sandys Boat Club, near Mangrove Bay in Somerset. The event MC is local celebrity Bruce Baritt.

Sandys Boat Club will be open from 10am and the activities start as follows:

  • Non-Colours Raising at 11.53am +87 secs
  • Non-Penguins Fly Past at 1.08pm + 29 sec
  • Non-Noodle Race at 1.22pm + 96 sec
  • Non-Memorial to our Mascot at 2.13pm + 32 sec
  • Non-Calypso Pipe Band at 2.32pm + 109 sec
  • Non-Craft Race at 3.29pm + 62 sec
  • Non-Trophy and Non-Prizegiving at 5.47pm +56 secs

Be safe on the water!

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Gibbons Cup Match Sale Continues!

How are you feeling today? The two days of Cup Match are finished, and if you are still full of energy you should head into town to the final day of the Gibbons Company BIG Cup Match Sale!

We still have a large selection of beach towels and mats, as well as BBQ accessories that you can use on the boat, at the beach or at Non-Mariner’s on Sunday.

Visit the Gibbons Company main store for men’s and women’s swimwear, shorts and sandals or flip flops. The beach towels and beach mats can be found at the Gibbons Company Home Store. You can find all of the Cup Match Sale deals below. See you at Non-Mariner’s on Sunday!

Website-Cup-Match-Sale-Now-On-2 (2)

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Somers Day: Cup Match Day 2

Cup Match cricketGibbons Company wishes you a Happy Somers Day & Cup Match Day 2!

I hope that yesterday was a great start to your four-day holiday weekend in Bermuda!

Today is Somers Day, commemorating the arrival of Admiral Sir George Somers who colonized Bermuda in 1609. This national public holiday was introduced on the Friday closest to 1 August and has been held annually since 1947.

Enjoy your day and stay tuned to everything #CupMatch by visiting –> http://bermudacupmatch.com

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Emancipation Day: Cup Match Day 1

Photo courtesy of Kansasphoto on m.flickr.com

Photo courtesy of Kansasphoto on m.flickr.com

Gibbons Company wishes you a Happy Cup Match!

Cup Match was initially introduced after the abolition of slavery in Bermuda. Men from Somerset and St. George’s met in friendly rivalry and held celebrations of Emancipation by holding annual picnics to mark the anniversary of the abolition of slavery.

One of the highlights from the picnics was a friendly cricket match played between lodges from the east and west ends of the island. In 1901, during a cricket match between two major Friendly Societies, an agreement was made to play for an annual trophy. Members of the Friendly Societies and Lodges raised funds and in 1902 a silver cup that was played for annually was introduced. Cup Match was officially born.

In 1947 two official national public holidays were introduced and held annually on the Thursday and Friday closest to 1 August. The first holiday, Cup Match, was renamed Emancipation Day in 1999 and continued the tradition of remembering the end of slavery.

This blog was based on the Cup Match history provided by bermudacupmatch.com

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Your Cup Match Survival Guide

Cup Match

If you are a visitor reading this blog this week, know that Cup Match is a two-day public holiday that continues into the weekend and is very unique to our special island. We enjoy camping, boating, swimming and most importantly cricket.

As a local or resident you know that every year, before the start of the Cup Match holiday, rival fans can be seen donning their team’s colours – red and navy for Somerset, light blue and dark blue for St. George’s – in preparation for the big event. As tradition dictates, the venue for the game changes yearly as each side takes a turn in hosting Cup Match; this year the honour falls to St. George’s.

Over the holiday it may prove a challenge to obtaining any essentials you may need on the day except for maybe convenience stores and gas stations, and restaurants. So be sure you stock up on your last minute beauty and fashion accessories, as tomorrow is the last day to shop!

At Gibbons Company we have everything you need to survive the Cup Match holiday.

1.  Sun protection shades, aka sunglasses.

Mango blue shades

Blue and blue sunglasses from Mango. Available at Gibbons Company.

2. Cool shorts & flip flops for men.

GAP summer shorts are available.

GAP summer shorts are available.


Comfy GAP flip flops are available in a range of neutral colours.

Comfy GAP flip flops are available in a range of neutral colours.

3. Touch-up makeup and sunscreen for the harsh rays at the game, at the beach and on the boat.

4. A cute clutch bag to hold your essentials.


5. A shady hat.

ladies: keep your head cool in a straw hat that also offers shade.

Keep your head cool in a straw hat that also offers shade.

Men: you always look fly in a hat while staying cool!

Men: you always look fly in a hat while staying cool!

6. A fancy mason jar cup with a trusty handle and straw or a chevron striped flask. Drink responsibly!

Carry your beverage of choice in these trendy drink containers.

Carry your beverage of choice in these trendy drink containers.

You can't beat a mason jar that comes with a handle for gripping and a straw for sipping!

You can’t beat a mason jar that comes with a handle for gripping and a straw for sipping!

7. A super soft & absorbent beach towel to dry off after jumping off the boat or the dock. Be careful!

beach towels

 8. For the ladies: a sexy body chain to accent your bathing suit.

9. For the travelers: an extra piece of luggage.


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Shades are “the” summer fashion accessory!

Sunglasses are “the” summer fashion accessory. Who doesn’t want to look cool and mysterious in a dark, funky pair of shades (Bermudian term for sunglasses).

Large "goggle-types" shades are my favourite!

Large “goggle-types” shades are my favourite!

These shades are a pair of my old favourites and maybe not as trendy and funky as some of the styles offered in Bermuda. Trends show that consumers like you are interested in a wide variety of frame shapes and colours, lens tints, with or without adornments and a range of price points.

If you aren’t quite sure you can commit to one set pair of sunglasses, we recommend buying a few pairs of inexpensive shades that you can swap out for different looks. One of my favourite pastimes is buying multiple pairs of inexpensive black, brown and tortoise shell shades, along with trying on styles that I wouldn’t normally wear.


Experts suggest buying shades that suit the shape of your face. As a shades junkie, I tend to stick to the basic colours and frames, but when it comes to the size of the lenses, I have a bad habit of wearing shades that are too large for my face. See below.

These black shades are too big for my face, but I wear them anyway!

These black shades are too big for my face, but I wear them anyway!

To avoid making my mistake, visit the following link for tips on finding the best sunglasses for your face shape –> http://stylecaster.com/how-to-find-sunglasses-for-your-face-shape/

If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to your sunglasses, maybe Toms sunglasses styles (seen below) will suit you. You can find Tom’s Men’s sunglasses at Gibbons Company.

Toms shades2

Tom’s men’s eyewear are available in a range of lens tints and can be found in the Men’s department at Gibbons Company.

Gibbons Company also offers women’s summer sunglasses in a range of price points and can be found in the Juniors and Accessories departments.

Remember your sunglasses should be functional, cool looking and provide protection from the sun’s rays. If your sunglasses add to your fashion look that is an added bonus!

Tell us about your sunglasses style. What colours and shapes do you like?

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What Is Your Weekend Style?

Happy Friday Bermuda!

We all know the great feeling of having the weekend off for a little summer fun. Even better is stripping off that work week attire for something relaxing to wear. What is your weekend style?

Gibbons Company loves cool breezy dresses like these maxi dresses available in the Ladies department. Throw on a summer hat and a pair of shades aka “sunglasses” and your outfit is nearly complete!

Maxi dresses are a cool option for effortless style in the summertime.


Those of you fashionistas who feel that your look is not complete without a little make-up, try out some of the latest beauty apps here.

Cool summer fashion is not just for the adults, so be sure to visit Gibbons Juniors and Juniors Plus departments for additional styles of maxi dresses.

Have a great weekend fashionista!  🙂


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Cup Match Sale: Get Cool Styles

It’s summer in Bermuda and boy is it hot! I know you feel it because everyone is talking about it.

Try beating the heat in the cool a/c at Gibbons Company and check out our #CupMatchSale. There are store-wide savings in the Gibbons Main Store & Home Store.

Come and have a look and stay cool!

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