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Culinary Masterpiece

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Culinary Masterpiece

Entertain like a pro with these tools & tips.

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Invest in a set of quality knives that will last for years. They are probably the most useful item in your kitchen.

Chef’s knife – your workhorse go-to knife for most cooking tasks.

Paring knife – a great cutting knife as well as for peeling apples or potatoes, deveining shrimps or segmenting citrus fruits.

Fillet/Boning knife – ideal for cutting raw meat, breaking down whole chicken or deboning bone-in pork.


“Don’t crowd the pan”

Think of it as culinary distancing. Whether searing meat in a skillet or roasting vegetables on a sheet pan, do it in small batches, with space between the pieces. If you crowd them, the fat and moisture they give off will steam, producing a tough and/or soggy product.



Featuring: Symphony serveware
If you ever need to throw an awesome dinner party, here’re a few of your must-have items:

Platter – A simple white with plenty of lipped edge to contain the tasty sauces hanging out under whatever you’re serving.

Deep Shallow Pasta Bowl – Who doesn’t like pasta? Now, a platter won’t do well. You will need a pasta bowl.

Dip Bowls (ramekins) – They are great with snacks, and accompanying sauces and toppings.

Featuring: Symphony serveware


Nothing can enhance a dining experience like a eating from beautiful dinnerware, and drinking wine out of a nice glass. And nowadays, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do just that!

Before you serve your meal or pour your guests a taste, ensuring you have fresh dinnerware and choosing the right glass for the type of wine is very important.

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