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Sustainable Shopping: How to Make Eco-Friendly Choices

So many of us are now becoming more aware of environmental issues. We all have a part to play in protecting the planet. But sometimes, knowing how to make a positive difference can be hard.

Changing the way you shop is an excellent place to start. Looking for eco-friendly choices when you shop is so important. This is a really effective way to make a big difference with just a few small changes. 

Being aware of the environmental impact of the way you shop is vital to protect the planet. The great news is that making eco-friendly choices when you shop is now super easy. There’s no need to compromise on choice and quality when you’re shopping for environmentally friendly products. To help you get started, we’ve gathered together lots of the best sustainable products to help make eco-conscious shopping simpler.

Look for Eco-Conscious Clothing

When you want to make environmentally friendly choices, your closet is the perfect place to start. Shopping for clothing made from sustainable materials from eco-conscious clothing companies is a really simple way to transform the way you shop.

The Liverpool Jeans Classic Eco Jean Jacket is produced using a laser technique that uses a fraction of natural resources to reduce the environmental impact of the production process. 

Your eco-conscious fashion choices don’t need to end with your clothing. You can dress head to toe with sustainable choices. If you’re looking for eco-conscious footwear, look no further than Lacoste Eco Leather Trainers. These super stylish trainers are made from a combination of rubber and textiles, making them really durable while still being on-trend.

Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Friendly

We all want to look good, but looking great doesn’t need to cost the planet. We have a fantastic selection of effective beauty, skincare and body care products that are really effective without compromising your eco-friendly values. 

Every beauty routine starts with perfectly cleansed skin, and the Urabana Spa Privé Reusable Face Pads are ideal. The set features a 10-pack of reusable face pads in a mesh laundry bag. Use these reusable face pads in combination with your favourite cleanser and you will dramatically reduce waste from cleansing wipes and disposable cotton pads in your cleansing routine. 

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your bath and body routine, the Bomb Cosmetics Lime & Shine Solid Shower Gel is a great choice. This solid shower gel is completely plastic-free and has a lovely fresh citrus fragrance, thanks to its essential oils. This non-liquid shower gel is perfect for use at home and for travel and provides a lovely rich foam.

Choose to Re-Use

We all know that single-use products are really bad for the environment. Choosing reusable products is an excellent way to cut down on waste and help reduce the impact on the planet. The kitchen is an excellent place to get started. 

Using reusable kitchen storage products that can be used over and over is a great way to reduce packaging waste and help keep food fresher for longer. This means you will also cut down on food waste. Beeswax Cotton Wraps are a perfect way to do this, as they’re washable and reusable. Plus, they’re made from natural materials such as cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin.

We’ve all heard about the problems created by plastic pollution. One great way to play a part in cutting down on plastic pollution is to use a reusable drink bottle. Reusing the same bottle every day can save hundreds of plastic bottles each year. The BLACK + BLUM - Glass Water Bottle is a great choice. This 600ml bottle is made from Borosilicate and has a protective non-slip sleeve with a stainless steel lid. This leak-proof bottle can be used over and over again, and you can take it everywhere with you.

Which sustainable changes will you make?